Wolverhampton Primary Schools

Architect: Architype. 

Client: Wolverhampton City Council. 

Contractor: Thomas Vale.

Oakmeadow and Bushbury Hill Primary Schools in Wolverhampton were the first Passivhaus primiary schools in the UK.  These two timber-framed buildings are designed to the exacting Passivhaus standards utilising sustainable building techniques.  Using similar constructions, each has its own character.  Timber frame partitions are used with Fermacell boarding and acoustic absorption is provided in the form of wood-wool ceilings and routed timber panelling in the main halls.  The scheme features an attenuated passive return air path between classrooms and the central circulation to control noise transmission to the classrooms.

A third school, Wilkinson Primary, was then commissioned following the success of these schools.

Oakmeadow and Bushbury Hill Primary Schools.  Images: Leigh Simpson.  Architect: Architype.